Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thankful for days like these

Well it was all planned out that I would krop at the Scrapbook Store yesterday with all the girls and as usual, a problem came up because I wasn't aware that Malissa was not off of school on Friday like Jordan was until a few days prior to my plans. So I made a few phone calls and was able find someone (Uncle Angelo) to sit with Jordan for a few hours until Tom got off work and then he could pick her (Jordan) up on his way home.  Well of course at the last minute Uncle decided he didn't want to watch her after all and he wanted to make other plans....So at the last minute I had to hustle to find out who could watch Jordan until Malissa was done with school.  After talking it over with the kids, Krysta offered to watch her so I could go and enjoy some adult company with my friends, even if only for a few hours.  I am thankful for having "older" children to kick in and help keep an eye on my youngest while I escape everyday life for a while!  Thank you Krysta, for taking Jordan on your day off to run errands and treating her to "Red Robin" for lunch and all for the sake of my sanity....It may not mean much to anyone else that I have my time to scrap with my friends and do what I enjoy doing but it is very reviving for me to be able to get out and do this.  So, Krysta,  I appreciate you so much for your willingness to alway help me out!