Thursday, November 3, 2011


Okay, so I have to admit I am a wee bit nervous about having to have the long over due, dreaded MRI and MRA tests done tomorrow.  I never really got any special instructions regarding any prep before the tests so I will just go about my day tomorrow until its time to go! 

According to what people are telling me, these MRI machines are very big and extremely loud and that they actually give you ear plugs to put in because its so loud and sounds a lot like a Jack hammer.  I guess I have to put my head in a cage like Hannibal Lecter and it kinda locks you in place.  Now I don't have any claustrophobia issues but this might become a problem for me if I have to stay in this position for over 45 minutes! And not to mention I have to have an IV for the contrasting imaging stuff they need to pump me with to get the images.

For those of you who don't know why I am having this done, it was recommended by my mothers Neuro-Surgeon for myself and my siblings to be tested for Aneursyms because they are hereditary and it could easily happen to one of us.  Just being preventative because I certainly don't wanna go through any of what my mom has experienced this last year.
Maybe I should just stop whinning and be thankful for many things about this whole experience, for example: 
1. Thankful for having the insurance and the ability to have a very important test done. 2. Thankful for my Doctor who has pushed me into getting this done sooner than later. 
 3. Thankful that my Mom is still here to encourage me and tell me that all will be fine and that it's better to find out now before something bad happens to me like it did with her.
4. Thankful my older sister had her MRI done when she did and caught her MS before it was really really out of hand.

Although I'm pretty confident that everything will be ok tomorrow but still nervous about the whole thing none the less as well as results because you just never know.
I will say my prayers tonight and ask for everything to be ok with my test and trust that he will see me through! 
I will keep you all posted~ Nighty Night friends  

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Nicole said...

Good luck tomorrow Donna:) I believe that everything will go great tomorrow:) Praying everything goes fast!!! I will be thinking of you.